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Estação de Carregamento

Project description

The Train Load System is part of the mining equipment of the ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik company, and is designed for loading of rail wagons with iron ore. It is principally composed of a surge bin, weighing bin, discharge chutes and swivel spouts. The material is transported by belt conveyors from the stock yard to the surge bin of each train load system, where it is temporarily stored. The nominal capacity of the system is 16,000 tons per hour.

Delivered products

22 high-performance RESTON-SPHERICAL bearings were ordered from mageba for the construction of this industrial plant. The heavy-duty nature of the industry made it desirable to use bearings of the highest strength and durability that could satisfy all movement and rotation requirements, so bearings from mageba’s spherical bearing range were selected. These bearings consist almost entirely of steel, with no elastomeric parts (except for a dust protection apron). The sliding surface, which accommodates movements and rotations as required, is of mageba’s exceptionally durable sliding material, ROBO-SLIDE.