New Sulphur Jetty

Project description

The capacity of the original sulphur handling plant located in the largest oil refining complex of Kuwait, Mina Al Ahmadi was increased from 2,431 tons/day to 5,000 tons/day.

To double the capacity of the plant, a major repair and expansion work was required.

The project was awarded to the South Korean Daelim Industrial on EPC basis. AFCONS Infrastructure Ltd, India as a sub-contractor of Daelim was responsible for the implementation of the project.

The project cost reached $886 million, which included the construction of an approach trestle and a conveyor bridge amongst other things.

mageba scope

Having worked on many technically challenging projects with mageba, the sub-contractor, AFCONS Infrastructure Ltd. was confident that mageba would be the perfect partner for taking on the responsibility for designing and suppling the necessary bearing system.

LASTO-BLOCK elastomeric bearings with special attachments capable of transferring very large horizontal forces (in some cases, horizontal forces are greater than vertical loads) and accommodating uplift forces were designed in accordance with EN 1337-3 to meet the project requirements.

In total, 250 large sized LASTO-BLOCK bearings of type F2 were manufactured within a matter of just 16 weeks to meet the tight construction schedule. The smallest bearing weighs approximately 140 kg, while the largest one weighs about 1,890 kg.


3D view of an installed LASTO-BLOCK bearing of type F2


Elastomeric bearings with special attachments during the finishing works at the factory

Key Data


LASTO-BLOCK bearings




Kuwait City


Approach Trestle and Conveyor




Kuwait National Petroleum Company


AFCONS Infrastructure Ltd.