New Zealand

Beaumont Bridge

Project description

The Beaumont Bridge, completed in 2023, provides a much needed upgrade on the link over Clutha River, connecting Dunedin with Central Otago and Queenstown.

The project aims to expand the current single-lane bridge into a two-lane structure to suit today’s higher traffic volumes, and impacts the traffic of the region positively in many ways.

It improves the greater land transport system of Otago that has not only become safer and easier for people to use, but also expands access to remote communities, farms, forestry and tourist spots, which in turn will boost the local economy.

mageba scope

For Beaumont Bridge mageba supplied 25 m of TENSA-FINGER RSFD-B 400 cantilever finger joints, which provide excellent fatigue resistance and allow the safe absorption of expansion/contraction in the road structures.

The expansion joints were designed to meet with the requirements of the AS5100.4/NZTA bridge specifications and are also include coating that provides skid resistance in accordance to the NZTA-T10 specification.

The supplied cantilever finger joints were subjected to extensive testing and analysis to verify their properties and excellent performance.


Finger plates of an installed TENSA-FINGER RSFD-B joint


A TENSA-FINGER RSFD-B joint installed

Key Data


TENSA-FINGER RSFD-B expansion joint






190 m


Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency


HEB Construction