Hazardous Waste Site Kölliken

Project description

The Sondermülldeponie Kölliken Consortium was founded in the mid-1970s to create and operate a hazardous waste site. In total between 1978 and 1985, 300,000 m² or 475,000 tonnes of hazardous waste from a wide range of origins and compositions were deposited at the waste site.

In 1985, the waste site was closed and has been undergoing renovations since then. To complete the demolition, three airtight halls with an internal negative pressure (warehouse, manipulation hall and demolition hall) together with a rail connection had to be built. The complete demolition of the waste site is planned for 2017 with a deadline for the end of the monitoring phase in 2022.

Delivered products

mageba was commissioned to supply 164 bearings for this project, which were to reliably support the hall roof suspended on 28 arched girders.

The high-quality LASTO-FLONBLOCK tilting and sliding point bearings ensure a smooth load transmission into the load carrying structure; the LASTO-BLOCK distortion bearing acts as flexible, load-transmitting elements between the parts of the building sites to be connected free to move. Equipped with a sliding surface, which had to be fitted to the bottom for static reasons, they are especially suitable for the temporary support when moving large loads and for the incremental launching method. In addition, some bearings had to be designed with lift locks (Nd -420kN).


The bearing as a connecting element between the roof construction and concrete


The bearing location scheme, developed by mageba’s headquarters in Bulach, Switzerland

Key Data


LASTO-FLONBLOCK, type KGa2360-Uplift as well as type KGe-1800 with fixing construction LASTO-BLOCK type Nba-2360




Kölliken (canton Aargau)


Hazardous Waste Site


SMDK Sondermülldeponie Kölliken