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Oceania Business Plaza

Description of the project

Oceania Business Plaza is a perfect example of Ultra-Contemporary architectural design. A great tower with all the modern comfort and luxury located in dowtown of Panama City. Belonging to one of the highest skyscrapers of the city, the Oceania Business Plaza constitutes an innovative structure within a group of buildings which have been erected on the latest economical boom. The complex Oceania Business Plaza is conformed by two towers which are connected by a 2-levels bridge at store 30. The highest skyscraper is 204 meters tall and 53 stories high. mageba‘s scope was the supply of bearings for supporting the bridge and allowing both structures move independently. Bringing into service is planed for end of 2011.

Scope of products delivered

For this project mageba supplied 15 RESTON-SPHERICAL bearings types KA, KE and KF. Bearings were produced at mageba’s 100% mageba-owned subsidiary mageba-Shanghai.
Design requirements demanded bearings which should be able to take max. vertical loads up to approx. 850 kN, min. vertical loads of 0 kN, horizontal loads of 1’332 kN and movements of 410 mm. The structure is supported by 15 bearings. The Bridge structure is fixed to one of the buildings through one fixed spherical bearing at each level. On all other positions, support is provided with respectively two KA and two KE bearings, allowing bridge’s dilatation and buildings’ movements due to wind and other external forces.

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Construction of the Plaza

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The Oceania Business Plaza

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