Elastomeric bearings



Structural bearings


  • For pressures of up to 20 N/mm2 (depending on shape)

  • Unreinforced high-strength deformation bearing

  • For vertical loads, horizontal displacements and rotations


LASTO-BLOCK F is an unreinforced elastomeric bearing of NR (natural rubber) or CR (chloroprene rubber). The use of high-capacity elastomer enables the bearing to transmit high pressures of up to 20 N/mm2 while also compensating a significant rotation or parallel displacement. For use in exposed conditions and for heightened demands in relation to chemical resistance, LASTO-BLOCK F of CR (chloroprene rubber) is recommended.


LASTO-BLOCK F bearings transmit vertical and horizontal loads without constraint forces. They also compensate longitudinal and transverse displacements and rotations of the structure’s bearing surfaces. LASTO-BLOCK F can be used as a thermal separator bearing beneath columns or flat bearings which are not subjected to bending, or to reduce the transmission of structure-borne noise under high loads. The elastomers used do not absorb water and can thus act as a barrier to dampness under highly loaded structural elements.