Sliding material



Structural bearings


  • Newest generation UHMWPE

  • Market-leading durability / resistance to abrasion

  • Doubled compressive strength, compared to PTFE, for compact bearings

  • Tested for use with stainless steel, hard chromed, and special alloy mating surfaces

  • PFAS free


Bearings are constantly exposed to daily movements caused by temperature, ever increasing traffic and other loads. In addition, the structures themselves become larger and more complex. These conditions ask for a sliding material with high strength and minimum wear. PTFE has been the standard sliding material for many decades. Whilst performing well in terms of sliding friction coefficients, it has its own disadvantages. To counteract these disadvantages, mageba has been using UHMWPE for years and is now going one step further in terms of strength and durability with the newest generation ROBO-SLIDE 75.


ROBO-SLIDE 75 can be used in different types of bearings, which can be designed far smaller than they would otherwise need to be, while also greatly extending the service life they can provide without replacement of sliding materials.


ROBO-SLIDE 75 sliding material, shown here with grease dimples, offers excellent strength and durability


The superior compressive strength of ROBO-SLIDE 75 (the top line on the graph) compared to the original ROBO-SLIDE (second from top) and PTFE (bottom line) is clear


Extensive testing was carried out by the independent Materials Testing Institute (MPA) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)