Single gap joints



Expansion joints


  • Typical movements: Up to 80 mm

  • Low-depth design

  • Quick installation on refurbishment projects

  • Can be equipped with noise-reducing surfacing


mageba TENSA-CRETE expansion joints are single gap joints for movements of up to 80 mm in the case of type RE, or 100 mm in the case of Type RE-LS. Type RE-LS joints feature so-called “sinus plates” on their surface, which make this increased movement possible and also reduce noise from over-passing traffic by up to 80%. The steel edge profiles of the TENSA-CRETE joint are anchored in ROBO-FLEX, mageba’s quick-hardening and watertight polymer concrete. A key advantage is the quick and cost-effective installation of the system, which results from the joint’s being fully anchored within the depth of the road surfacing and thus requiring no breaking out of the structure beneath. Thanks to the very short curing time of the polymer concrete, traffic can already be allowed to cross the joint within a few hours of placing. The drainage of the joint is via the drainage system of the bridge deck.


TENSA-CRETE expansion joints are suitable for use on bridge decks with either asphalt or concrete surfacing, and can be installed on practically every type of new or existing bridge. Thanks to their limited structural depth and quick installation, they offer great benefits when used to replace existing joints during rehabilitation works.


Recess prior to installation of joint


Mixing of ROBO-FLEX polymer concrete


Placing of ROBO-FLEX polymer concrete


Highly frequented bridge in the middle of Zurich which carries road traffic as well as a tramway