ETA certification for mageba modular expansion joints!

mageba TENSA®MODULAR expansion joint becomes the first of its kind to receive European Technical Assessment (ETA) certification. This achievement emphasises our vision to set the benchmark for innovation, quality and sustainable impact.

The Europe-wide certification process for bridge expansion joints is renowned as the most rigorous in the world, far surpassing any other national or international specifications. This is especially evident in the extensive field and laboratory testing, required by the applicable European Assessment Document (EAD) for modular expansion joints, No. 120113-00-0107. Through thorough engineering and testing to prove compliance and performance, mageba’s TENSA®MODULAR expansion joint has now become the first modular expansion joint to be awarded the European Technical Assessment (ETA-24/0357) and therefore, making it the first modular expansion joint with CE marking.

Advantages of the TENSA®MODULAR expansion joint with ETA

  • A minimum of 50 years working life – minimizing life cycle costs, traffic disruption and environmental impacts throughout the bridge’s service life

  • CE-marking to demonstrate compliance and standing for highest performance

  • Exceptional movement flexibility in all directions and rotations about every axis – clearly defined and tested

  • Fully watertight and low maintenance requirements

  • Designed to be applied in new structures as well as for refurbishment of existing infrastructure

According to ETA-24/0357, the expansion joint is engineered for a working life of at least fifty years. This durability minimizes life cycle costs, traffic disruptions, and environmental impacts throughout the bridge’s lifespan. Following independent verification of extensive testing conducted over the past several years, and the awarding of the ETA in June 2024, we can confidently state that the current version of the TENSA®MODULAR expansion joint – the “5th generation” – is the best ever. Decades after its original invention in the 1960s, it still sets the benchmark in its field.

One of the most rigorous requirements of the EAD was to demonstrate the performance and durability of the expansion joint through over-rolling tests. These tests were carried out on dedicated sites using trucks on mock-up test specimens. The data measured during these tests underwent statistical analysis to assess the dynamic behavior and fatigue design of the expansion joint. Additionally, other stringent requirements included fatigue testing and wear testing of components and subsystems to evaluate fatigue resistance and durability, as well as extensive kinematic testing to confirm movement capacity.

The benchmark set by the TENSA®MODULAR expansion joint is further underlined by successful testing campaigns, including infinite fatigue testing according to AASHTO’s Appendix A19, as well as full-scale seismic testing with large modular joints, demonstrating their suitability for seismically active regions.

Need more information?

mageba’s European Technical Assessment for the TENSA®MODULAR expansion joint is the first ETA awarded for any modular expansion joint

Extensive over-rolling testing performed at a dedicated test site

Dynamic assessment of the TENSA®MODULAR expansion joint – a complex exercise in terms of dynamic amplification and upswing factors, requiring special expertise in the field of measurement and data analysis

Full-scale movement testing of an 18-gap TENSA®MODULAR expansion joint, including combined longitudinal, transversal and vertical movements

Fatigue testing of a welded site splice on a TENSA®MODULAR expansion joint centrebeam, for evaluation of detail category for design purposes

5-million cycle fatigue test setup for evaluating the long-term fatigue performance of sliding components of the TENSA®MODULAR expansion joint

Static loading test setup, including temperature chamber, for testing the sliding components of the TENSA®MODULAR expansion joint at extreme temperatures

Wear test setup for assessing the long-term wear performance of sliding components of the TENSA®MODULAR expansion joint

Watertightness testing of the strip seal design used by the TENSA®MODULAR expansion joint, involving repeated opening/closing movement cycles

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