Damping system

Tuned mass dampers


Sismik Cihazlar


  • For TMD masses of up to 10 t

  • For TMD tuning in the range 1.3 to 10.0 Hz

  • Wear-free dampers

  • Temperature-stable damper fluids for indoor and outdoor use

  • Individual dimensioning


External loads, such as wind, earthquakes and human influences, can cause the entire structure or individual parts vibrate. Such mechanical vibrations can cause discomfort, damage or even structural failure.


The KTI Tuned mass dampers (TMD) are used as damping system, which reduces substantially natural frequencies of bridges, slabs, platforms and other structures.The optimum combination of mass, frequency and damping can substantially reduce structural vibrations.


Tuned mass damper with a natural frequency of 4.3 Hz and a mass of 3.5 t, installed on a bridge in Kiel, Germany


The vibration reduction system is optimally adapted to the structure’s design. Here: Floor slab supported by steel beams