Hot dip galvanizing innovation award

mageba has received an innovation award from the German hot-dip galvanizing industry association for the company’s hot-dip galvanized expansion joints. Every year since 2003, the association has honored companies with its Innovation Award for their hot-dip galvanized product innovations.

At mageba, we are proud to receive this recognition and award for the year 2020 from the award jury, which consists of the board of directors of the hot-dip galvanizing industry association.

The decision of the committee was justified as follows: "As structural elements of a bridge, expansion joints accommodate movements and displacements of the bridge superstructure relative to the ends of the bridge. For the motorist, only a small part of these complex steel structures is visible when installed. The most frequent cause of defects in expansion joints is corrosion. This necessitates costly maintenance work, often resulting in traffic congestion and high external costs. Considering the expected high need to replace expansion joints in the coming years, mageba has created a real innovation with hot-dip galvanizing of its expansion joints, thereby making a sustainable contribution to reducing maintenance work and maintenance costs on bridge structures".

mageba would like to sincerely thank the "Industrieverband Feuerverzinken" for this honor. Further details are available at (German only)

Hot-dip galvanizing association

Read the full article on the website of the German hot-dip galvanizing industry association (German only).

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