Hong Kong

Ting Kau Bridge

Project description

The Ting Kau Bridge is a component of the link between the Western New Territories and the new Chep Lak Kok Airport in Hong Kong.

The Ting Kau Bridge, with its 1,177 m length, is one of the longest cable-stayed bridges in the world. Cables are anchored to three pylons, and two main decks are equipped with longitudinal stabilizing cables which connect the top of the middle pillar with two side pillars.

Construction started in 1994 and in April 1998 the bridge was opened for traffic.

mageba scope

For this bridge, mageba delivered four modular joint type LR16 with a maximum movement of 1,030 mm. Modular joints are treated with a special anti-skid surfacing to ensure traffic safety in wet conditions.

mageba also manufactured two rocker bearings (pendulum tension force bearings) with a maximum traction force of 20,000 kN and a maximum horizontal movement of 1,000 mm.

Rocker bearings are used to support the bridge deck from below. Consequently, uplift forces generated by the bridge deck have to be resisted.


Modular joint type LR 16 with anti-skid surfacing


Production of rocker bearings

Key Data


TENSA-MODULAR type LR16 with Anti-Skid Surface ROBO-GRIP


max. movement 1‘030 mm


Hong Kong




Cable-stayed bridge


1‘177 m