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South Korea

Yeongjong Grand Bridge

Project description

The Yeongjong Grand Bridge is 4,420 m long, and incorporates three different structural systems: Suspension bridge (550 m), truss bridge (2,250 m), and steel box bridge (1,620 m). The bridge has double decks to carry a six-lane highway on the upper deck, and a four-lane highway with dual rail lines on the lower deck. The suspension bridge is a 3-dimensional self-anchored suspension bridge. The shape of the cable and the stiffened girder have been designed to symbolize the eaves of the traditional Korean Kiwa House (tile-roofed house).

Delivered products

For this structure mageba’s TENSA-MODULAR LR8 joints with a movement capacity of 640 mm were chosen to be installed due to the proven elastic control system of this joint type. In total 8 joints were delivered which can ensure kinematic behavior, and prevents damage from constraint forces, which could act on the structure due to the combined lower deck (railway tracks and road lanes). The installed modular expansion joints can accommodate movements in every direction, and rotations about every axis.

This ensures safety for traffic and train. In 2023, after more than two decades of service, under extremely heavy traffic and subjected to the harsh marine environment, the driving surface of the joints deteriorated from steel corrosion thus needed to be replaced.

To do this a new innovative method was used, which involved replacing the surface beams only, since the joints were still in good condition.

News-Yeongjiong Bridge-modular expansion joints-replacement innovation-brdige-gap

View of the bridge gap following renewal of the edge beams and removal of the old centerbeams

News-Yeongjiong Bridge-modular expansion joints-replacement innovation-new-center beams

New centerbeams are being installed and connected to the support bars beneath

Key Data


TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints type LR8






Self-anchored suspension bridge


4,420 m




The New Airport Hiway Co., Ltd.


Yooshin Engineering Corporation & CHODAI CO., LTD.