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Super-fast response to urgent need for Fly-Over solution for damaged expansion joint

When an expansion joint on a key bridge of a busy German autobahn was found to be unsafe for traffic and needed a solution to be implemented immediately, mageba’s local team sprang into action and proved its commitment to serving our clients in the best way possible.

The Grunewald Bridge is located on the A59 autobahn between the cities of Dusseldorf and Duisburg, and is therefore an important traffic artery in this heavily populated part of western Germany. The bridge consists of two parallel structures, one with a concrete superstructure and the other with a steel one. The modular expansion joints at one end, having already served a long service life under very demanding traffic conditions, were found on Thursday 8th April to have suffered some damage that could jeopardise traffic if allowed to deteriorate further, and mageba local expansion joint specialists were on the scene within an hour of being informed. Having quickly evaluated the situation, plans were made to immediately install a Fly-Over solution as a temporary safety precaution while a permanent solution is being planned and implemented.

Considering the need to carry out the works on a weekend to minimise impacts on traffic, our team worked intensively to prepare the equipment, materials and resources required in record time, and was on site first thing on Saturday morning, 10th April, already breaking out asphalt to enable the Fly-Over system to be anchored in place. Then they stayed on the job, working hard in spite of the heavy rain they experienced, until they completed the work just 30 hours later – enabling the bridge to resume carrying three lanes of traffic in both directions, with a speed limit of 40 km/h (25 mph) introduced. In this short period on site, they installed the Fly-Over system on both of the bridge’s structures, one at a time – a feat that was only hampered by the weather and complicated by the fact that the connection details had to be modified to suit the superstructure designs – concrete in one case and steel in the other.

It took real commitment on the part of our local expansion joint specialists as well as of the installation team, who adapted their plans – both private and work-related – at very short notice to get this job done for their client and their community. But they were happy to do it as they can take great satisfaction in a job well done.

Thanks to the highway operator, Autobahn GmbH Rheinland, for the smooth, constructive, good communication and for how the work was organised and carried out – this is how solutions should be efficiently implemented! 

Or in the words of one of the first people to drive over one of the newly installed Fly-Over systems:

“only flying is better :-)”

Contractor: Autobahngesellschaft NRW
Owner: Autobahngesellschaft NRW

The old expansion joints at one end of the Grunewald Bridge, on the A59 autobahn between Duisburg and Dusseldorf, required immediate attention following sudden deterioration

Trial assembly of the Fly-Over system

View of expansion joint with Fly-Over system fully installed across the joint – with gently tapered plates at both sides making the ride as smooth as possible for drivers

Working simultaneously on both roadways for the fastest possible completion of the installation

Thanks to the skill, efforts and commitment of our colleagues in making this happen so quickly and at such short notice, the impact on traffic on this major motorway was kept to an absolute minimum

With the Fly-Over system fully installed, traffic could be allowed to drive across the joint at a speed of 40 km/h while a more permanent solution is planned and implemented