Vibration isolation bearings



Vibration damping


VIBRAX-DAMP B is an unreinforced deformation bearing. Thanks to the use of high-quality soft elastomer mixes and to its special profile, VIBRAX-DAMP B can serve the purposes of noise insulation and vibration isolation. It also enables longitudinal and transverse displacements and rotations of the supporting surface to be compensated. As a result of its profiling, only minor transverse tension forces arise at the joints between adjacent pieces.

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VIBRAX-DAMP B is especially suitable for providing bearing support to prefabricated elements such as stairs, landings and balcony slabs. VIBRAX-DAMP B enables structure-borne noise, at pressures of between 0.3 und 0.7 N/mm2, to be reduced by up to 16 dB.