Infinity Bridge

Project description

Infinity Bridge forms a key component of the Al Shindagha Corridor Project, which spans 13 km along the Sheikh Rashid Street, Al Mina Street, Al Khaleej Street and Cairo Street in downtown Dubai. Its design resembles a mathematical sign for infinity (∞), that also indicates the limitless, infinite goals of Dubai.

The bridge supports development needs and improves the link between Deira and Bur Dubai by raising the total number of lanes crossing Dubai Creek from 48 to 60.

The structure, with its total length of 300 m, can accommodate 24,000 vehicles per hour in both directions and features a combined 3-meter-wide track for pedestrians and cyclists.

mageba scope

To meet the client’s needs, mageba supplied 16 RESTON-POT HP bearings in total, which are equipped with load, movement and temperature measuring sensors.

The vertical load capacities of the installed bearings vary between 5,100–8,000 kN.

In addition to the bearings, 4 TENSA- MODULAR LR4-LS expansion joints were also supplied, each measuring 24 m in length, to ensure connection between the elements of the bridge. The joints also feature noise reducing “sinus plates” and mageba’s ROBO-MUTE system.

To ensure high driving comfort and to increase the durability of the joints and that of the adjoining asphalt, ROBO-DUR asphalt strengthening ribs have been used next to all expansion joints.

Refsheet-Infinity-Bridge -TENSA-MODULAR-LR4-LS Lifting

Lifting one of the TENSA-MODULAR LR4-LS joints to position

Refsheet-Infinity-Bridge -TENSA-MODULAR-LR4-LS-in-recess

A modular joint into its recess before concreting

Key Data


RESTON-POT HP bearings, TENSA-MODULAR LR4-LS joints, ROBO®DUR asphalt strengthening ribs


Joints feature noise reducing “sinus plates” and ROBO-MUTE system








300 m


Al Naboodah Construction LLC/China State Construction Company/ Besix Construct LLC


Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)