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mageba Australia are specialists in the design and manufacture of high-end structural bearings and expansion joints, as well as seismic protection and structural health monitoring systems.

Part of the Swiss-owned, international market leading mageba Group, we are renowned for investing in innovation, technical excellence and high-quality engineering solutions.

At mageba Australia, we’re not interested in offering a catalogue of ‘one-size-fits-all’ products. As a company run by engineers, for engineers, we understand the problems facing engineers today...and we know how to solve them.

The problem

One of the most common problems experienced by engineers in the Australian and New Zealand market is the disconnect between original design models and the structural bearings and expansion joints available.
Final design dimensions are often subject to confirmation from the manufacturer, allowing contractors and suppliers to present a selection of ready-made bearing and expansion joint options that are not tailored to the design and the nuanced aspects of the project.

This way of working leads to a range of issues. Opportunistic merchant suppliers can (and often do) provide cheap and inferior solutions that do not meet Australian standards and greatly reduce the life expectancy of the structure. As manufacturers' warranties are often not assignable to contractors, this creates a great deal of commercial risk when comparing and choosing a contractor.

Add the time and resources that are wasted in reworking design models to suit standardised products - increased workloads for designers means increased costs for owners - and you have a problematic process.

The solution

At mageba Australia, we work in reverse.

With a local design team of engineering experts, we ask more questions...we want to find out the exact problems, technical details and needs of your project in the initial design phase. We are not interested in selling a standard catalogue product that requires you to change and resize your design or structure.

We work with you throughout the process to find a solution that meets your technical specifications and project needs. We present customised structural bearings and expansion joints that are designed and manufactured specifically for your design model.

By changing this simple step in the process we eliminate potential problems before they arise. Contractors tendering on the project know exactly what they need to supply and quote, the design is already in its final stages and the ‘heavy lifting’ has already been completed.

All mageba solutions are engineered such that installation is risk free for construction teams and site based activities are minimised. Installation of mageba products is as simple as unload, secure, pour, a three-step process that saves thousands of dollars in installation costs and, more importantly, is safer and quicker than other low technology products available.

The evidence


Gateway Bridge

To increase road capacity in the state of Queensland in Australia, the iconic Brisbane Gateway Bridge is being expanded by building a...


TENSA MODULAR expansion joints


Movement between 320 and 640 mm





New Zealand

ANZ Triangle

The three-storey ANZ Centre was constructed on a high-profile site bordering Colombo, Cashel and High Streets in the heart of Christchurch’s Central...


RESTON-PENDULUM DUPLO seismic isolater bearings








An obsession with quality

We have an obsession with quality - quality advice, quality materials and quality solutions.

By investing time in the initial stage of inquiry, and by only using premium materials in our manufacturing, we can design and manufacture optimal engineering solutions with a service life of hundreds of years.

Members of our local design team are involved in the development of Australian standards (AS 5100 (Bridge Design)) and mageba Australia is licensed by the Australian Made Campaign Limited to use the most trusted "Australian Made" logo on several locally manufactured structural bearings for bridges, buildings and
industrial structures.

By choosing mageba, you are assured of accountability, quality and adherence to Australian standards.

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Australian Made

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Contact mageba Australia NOW on 1300 624 322 to utilise our free design service for your next project!