Ivory Coast

Henri Konan Bédié Bridge

Project description

The Henri Konan Bédié Bridge (HBK) is a new highway bridge linking the north and south of Abidjan (Ivory Coast), bringing the districts of Riviera and Marcory closer to each other.

Expectations of the HBK Bridge have been high, and are not only connected with easing the traffic. Besides creating hundreds of jobs during the construction of this promising structure, the whole socio-economic situation of Abidjan shall be improved: development of land, minimised isolation of districts, proper sanitation, enhanced quality of life, modernisation and urbanisation. Therefore the completed project has a range of positive outcomes beyond the development of the traffic system.

The total cost of project reached 308 million euros.

mageba scope

For this project mageba delivered 16 units of RESTON-POT bearings of the following types: free (TA), guided (TE) and fixed (TF) bearings, with a maximum vertical load capacity of 800 tons and maximum total longitudinal movement of 25 cm.

The owner as well as the consultant had high demands in terms of quality of the installed products. As a result, CE label was required and specific pre-settings to handle irreversible movements due to concrete shrinkage had to be made.

The design working life of the installed bearings is 25 years, which coupled with mageba’s profound manufacturing experience made this project safe and successful.

A RESTON-POT bearing of type TE after production

View of the bridge during construction

Key Data


RESTON-POT bearings of types TA, TE and TF






Concrete box girder bridge

Main span:

50 m


1,500 m




SACPRM (Bouygues Travaux Publics)