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Constanta Wind Farm

Project description

The Fantanele-Cogealac Wind Farm in Constanta County, eastern Romania was constructed between 2008 and 2012, becoming the largest onshore wind farm in Europe. With 240 wind turbines on a site of area 110 km2, it has a total power generating capacity of 600 MW. The spinning rotor of each turbine has a diameter of 99 metres, and is connected to the supporting hub at a height of 100 metres above ground level.

mageba scope

In 2010, mageba supplied four vibration damping systems to control the movements of parts of a key transformer on the wind farm. Each system comprises a RESTON-SA shock absorber and a LASTO-BLOCK elastomeric bearing. The shock absorbers were designed for a force of 15 kN and a stroke of +/- 50 mm, and were fabricated from stainless steel to maximise durability.
Two of the shock absorbers were subjected to laboratory testing before delivery to site.