One of a kind

mageba India’s new Dynamic Testing Machine will help maintain the highest quality standards for the seismic isolators manufactured at its premises – and being the first testing machine of its kind in India, it will enable mageba to offer an extraordinary level of in-house testing.

mageba India has developed and grown rapidly since it was established in 2007, and continues to do so today – for example, with the recent opening of its new manufacturing facility in Kolkata, which tripled the company’s production capacity for bearings and seismic isolators. To maintain the company’s position as a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of these critical structural components, it has already made another major investment in its infrastructure – this time with the construction of its own Dynamic Testing Machine. The testing facility makes it possible, in India, to evaluate and certify the seismic performance of seismic isolators such as the LASTO®LRB lead rubber bearing, the LASTO®HDRB high-damping rubber bearing and eventually the RESTON®PENDULUM curved surface slider, thereby enabling owners and engineers to verify the actual dynamic properties with respect to the designed criteria. The availability of such a high-performance testing machine in Kolkata is expected to lead to a much stronger focus by bridge engineers on Initial Type Testing (ITT) and Factory Production Control (FPC) testing in accordance with key international standards such as AASHTO GSSID and EN 15129. The testing facility is currently being accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 by India’s National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), and also undergoing accreditation by MPA Stuttgart.

The facility’s testing capabilities are impressive:

  • Vertical compressive load – static: 30,000 kN

  • Vertical compressive load – dynamic, with 750mm displacement: 15,000 kN

  • Horizontal force capacity (static): 3,000 kN

  • Horizontal force capacity (dynamic): 2,000 kN

  • Maximum velocity: 1.5 m/s

  • Maximum travel path: 20 m 

Performance characteristics such as these make it a world-class testing facility, with few other machines anywhere in the world offering comparable capabilities. Our colleagues in Kolkata can also take pride in the fact that they themselves designed and constructed the testing machine, including all its main hydraulic parts such as jacks and accumulators – a further demonstration of their passion and their extensive engineering know-how.

mageba’s new Dynamic Testing Machine is the first testing machine of its kind in India and one of the most capable anywhere in the world

The testing machine was designed and constructed in-house by mageba’s team in Kolkata – including all major hydraulic parts such as jacks and accumulators

Use of the new machine to test the performance of a project-specific seismic isolator in accordance with project specifications

Typical results graph from the testing of compression stiffness during initial type testing (ITT) of an elastomeric seismic isolator

hysteresis loop initial type testingseismic isolator

Typical hysteresis loop from the initial type testing of a large elastomeric seismic isolator