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Goldsboro Bypass

Project description

The Goldsboro Bypass is a 20-mile bypass of the city of Goldsboro, North Carolina. Also known as Highway 44 (NC 44), it will connect to US Highway 70 (US 70), one of the major east-west corridors traversing eastern North Carolina. Construction started in 2008, and the first phase opened in December 2011. The bypass includes a number of structures to cross roads, rivers and streams.

mageba scope

A total of 32 expansion joints are being supplied by mageba to accommodate the movement demands of six highway bridges. With longitudinal movements limited to just 2.8 inches (70 mm), single gap joints were preferred in order to maximize durability and minimize maintenance and renewal requirements. The TENSA-FORCE RG10 type joints were selected to meet the specific needs of the North Carolina DOT. These joints are commonly being used in the area to replace existi ng compression seal joints which have shown major deteriorati on over the years.

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Image of a TENSA-FORCE RG10 expansion joint, with sharp upturns at each end

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Two TENSA-FORCE RG10 expansion joints as fabricated, ready for installation

En bref


TENSA-FORCE expansion Joints, 2.8” movements




Goldsboro, North Carolina


Highway bridges




1,385 ft


S. T. Wooten