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Binyamina Bridge

Project description

The Binyamina Bridge, which opened to traffic in 2009, is a highway bridge near the city of Binyamina in Israel. The bridge consists of two independent precast segmental box girder structures. Each structure has eight spans, ranging in length from 39 metres to 66 metres, and a total length of 417 metres. The structures, one westbound and the other eastbound, each carry three lanes of traffic across a railway and other obstacles. The bridge was designed by Finley Engineering and built by Danya Cebus, using the balanced cantilever method.

mageba scope

To support the 9500 square metres of bridge deck, mageba supplied 196 LASTO-BLOCK type B bearings. These elastomeric bearings, reinforced with steel plates and delivered with the CE-label certifying design and fabrication in accordance with the European standard EN 1337, have dimensions of 150 x 200 x 41 mm.

mageba also supplied four TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints of type LR4, one for each end of each structure. With four individual movement gaps, each joint has a longitudinal movement capacity of 320 mm.

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A TENSA-MODULAR expansion joint (type LR4, with 4 movement gaps) during installation

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Cut-out view of a LASTO-BLOCK type B bearing, showing its internal steel plate reinforcement

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TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints, LASTO-BLOCK bearings






Precast box girder




Finley Engineering


Danya Cebus