Earthquake monitoring



Surveillance d‘ouvrages


ROBO-QUAKE is an off-the-shelf, IoT based, self-sufficient structural health monitoring system (SHMS). It is based on mageba’s long-established ROBO-CONTROL SHMS, but specifically tailored to provide detailed information about a structure’s behaviour before, during and after earthquakes – with immediate alarm signals or acoustic messages accompanied by instantaneous event notifications through SMS and email. The modular system is equipped with accelerographs as standard, but may be equipped with virtually any type of sensor. Moreover, the system provides additional features such as equipment control which makes it a revolutionary system that not only monitors a building’s health but also improves it functionally as a whole.


The ROBO-QUAKE system was developed by mageba to meet the needs of building owners in seismically active parts of the world, where real-time information about a structure’s response to seismic shocks supports existing disaster reduction measures and therefore minimizes the risks after an earthquake event. However, its serverless IoT optimized cloud backend and ability to be equipped with sensors of any kind enables the product to be used for a wide range of further SHM purposes.


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