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Manhattan West Development

Project description

Manhattan West is comprised of seven million square feet of office, residential, hotel, retail and open space located in the Hudson Yards District of Manhattan, New York City. Two office towers will soar up to 67 stories above railroad tracks leading in and out of Penn Station (at 65 feet below grade). Post-tension segmental bridge technology is being used to build a 120,000-square-foot platform (of 16 pre-cast box girders, each weighing 2100 tons and spanning 240 feet) over these tracks, allowing for the construction of the office towers without disrupting the passage of the trains.

mageba scope

To support the enormous platform that will enable the towers to be constructed above the busy railway tracks, mageba supplied 64 RESTON-SPHERICAL bearings. These bearings, of types KF (fixed), KA (free sliding) and KE (guided sliding), are designed to carry vertical loads of up to 23,000 kN (5,680 kips). They all feature ROBO-SLIDE high-grade sliding material instead of the commonly-used PTFE, maximizing strength and thus minimizing the size of the bearings. ROBO-SLIDE’s far superior resistance to wear and abrasion also maximizes durability, ensuring a long service life.

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Construction site with railway tracks to Penn Station being covered by the huge box girders

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A RESTON-SPHERICAL bearing (guided sliding type) before installation to support a box girder

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