Dubai Sports Complex

Project description

The Dubai Sports Complex was conceived to create the world’s best indoor international aquatic centre, matching the needs of the 2010 10th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m short course swimming), with the potential to host other international aquatic events such as the Asian Games Aquatics Event, the World Swimming Championships (all aquatic disciplines including 50m swimming) and, potentially, a future Olympic Games. The complex, with its 61 acres, sits on the edge of Dubailand and was developed at a cost in the region of Dh1.1 billion.

Delivered products

The Dubai Sports Complex is equipped with 22 mageba RESTON®SPHERICAL bearings with high grading material ROBO®SLIDE (Vmax = 4,700kN). RESTON®SPHERICAL is a range of spherical bearings complying with the new European Standard EN 1337-7, now available with high-quality ROBO®SLIDE sliding material in accordance with European Technical Approval number ETA-8/0115. ROBO®SLIDE is characterised by exceptional resistance to wear and bearing capacity well in excess of that offered by standard PTFE sliding material. The flat sliding surface between the top of the bearing’s calotte and a sliding plate accommodates longitudinal and transverse movements. Guide bars and a restraining ring are used to transmit horizontal forces.


With a capacity of 15,000 spectators, the Dubai Sports Complex is capable of hosting Olympic swimming.


ROBO®SLIDE disc on the calotte of a spherical bearing

Key Data


RESTON®SPHERICAL Spherical bearing


Vmax. 4700 kN




Sports Stadium