PDH Course

Structural Bearings

June 16, 2021

June 17, 2021

Structural Bearings – the essential link

Bearings are the essential link between the superstructure and substructure and therefore one of the most critical components in infrastructure but also in buildings and industrial structures. Using reliable, durable, and low maintenance bearings are key to ensuring safety and economy.

In this PDH Course you will learn about the different types of bearings, their functions, their advantages and also limitations. It also gives you an insight on latest developments in terms of high performance materials, fatigue analysis and integrated monitoring systems. Lastly, some case studies will provide insights into state of the art bearing applications to equip you with potential solutions if you come across a challenging project in the future.

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About the Presenter

Amit Kutumbale | mageba

  • Technical Manager, mageba (New York)

  • Civil Engineer, P.E.

  • Specialist, Bridge Bearings

  • 10 years experience with bridge bearings

  • Worked on several bridge & infrastructure projects, including landmark structures like: Harbor Bridge, TX / Delaware Memorial Bridge, DE / Atlanta Airport, GA / Puente Chacao, Chile

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