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Westrandweg Viaducts

Project description

The Westrandweg highway, constructed in Amsterdam between 2010 and 2013, connected the city’s A10 ring road to the junction of highways A9/A5, becoming part of an extended A5 highway. The route crossed the western harbour area of Amsterdam, opening it up for further development.

The highway features a 3300-metre long viaduct (KW520), the longest in Holland. With its many individual spans and discontinuous deck at each pier location, an enormous number of small-movement expansion joints were needed for the construction of this and several other ­viaducts.

mageba scope

mageba supplied 134 TENSA-GRIP type RS single gap expansion joints, with a total length of 3500 m, for this project. 96 of these joints feature noise-reducing “sinus plates” on the surface – an important feature in a residential area, where the noise otherwise generated by wheels crossing such a joint can be a source of considerable disturbance to those living nearby, especially at night. The road designers sensibly specified that sinus plates were to be supplied with the joints, to avoid having to add them later – a considerably more costly and disruptive exercise, if indeed it can be done properly at all.


The enormous quantity of joints required twenty 40-foot shipping containers for transport


Installation of a TENSA-GRIP single gap expansion joint with sinus plates on the viaduct

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TENSA-GRIP single gap expansion joints


Noise-reducing “sinus plates” on surface








3300 m (KW520)