Partner training packed with essential knowledge – both theoretical and practical!

To ensure that our local partners can also provide customers with mageba quality service, a partner training was organized at the company's headquarters in Bulach in August and September of this year.

We place the highest importance on training our partners, in order that customers can benefit as much as possible from mageba's knowledge and expertise. It always has been and always will be a central focus of our technical consulting and sales, that we can incorporate this knowledge into the projects with which we have been entrusted.

On both occasions, partners from all over Europe were trained over three days about mageba, our products, sales topics and last but not least about our service. The first part of the event related to the transfer of theoretical knowledge and covered all aspects that enable the participants to represent mageba as experts in the market and to advise customers professionally. Essential knowledge and valuable information were shared via numerous professional lectures, delivered by our in-house experts, during the first two days.

As a balance to the theory, the participants visited various reference projects, in which our products are already installed and exhibit excellent performance. The knowledge gained could be viewed directly in application and theory was combined with practice.

Through our partners customers benefit locally from the unique mageba service!

Unanimous feedback was provided by all participants –the trip to Switzerland was an incredible success and they can't wait to represent mageba in their markets.

It is therefore no question that training courses like those hosted this year will be continued. That's why we're already looking forward to accompanying other partners on their way to becoming mageba experts and we look forward to seeing how our knowledge is applied to many more projects.

We thank everyone involved for their tireless commitment and for making the events run smoothly and professionally.

Important knowledge and valuable information were shared in numerous lectures given by our experts

Participants gathered in front of the mageba headquarters in Bulach, Switzerland

Visiting the Hard Bridge in Zurich, one of the most important north-south connections in the city of Zurich, equipped with mageba expansion joints and bridge bearings

The attendees visited various mageba reference projects – such as the Rhine Falls in northern Switzerland, where a structural health monitoring system has been in operation for over ten years

Handing over the course certificate