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Malampaya Phase III

Project description

The Malampaya Phase III deep-water ­­­gas­-t­o-power expansion project encompasses two stages. The first stage involves the drilling and development of two additional wells. In the second stage, a depletion compression platform is installed which will be linked by a bridge to the existing shallow-water platform. The Malampaya Phase III project aims to maintain a steady level of gas production.

The platform is located 80 km off the coast of Palawan Island and is the first concrete gravity substructure (CGS) in Southeast Asia. The Malampaya platform supplies natural gas to three power plants in Luzon with a combined capacity of 2700 megawatts.

mageba scope

mageba supplied LASTO-BLOCK elastomeric bearings for the depletion compression platform leg footings as well as a newly developed sliding bearing with LASTO-BLOCK as core and a PTFE plate recessed into a steel plate as sliding element.
The resulting bearings are able to withstand up to 7280 kN and a deflection of up to 15 mm in order to provide minimum friction for 100 meters of sliding during installation of the platform.
Another new design of LASTO-BLOCK was supplied for the bridge linking the depletion platform to the already existing gas processing platform on site.


mageba LASTO-BLOCK elastomeric bearings with CE certification


Rendering of the Malampaysa Phase III project

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LASTO-BLOCK elastomeric bearings


Special sliding bearings




Offshore Palawan


Offshore Platform