유연한 플러그 이음 장치





  • Typical movements: Up to 105 mm

  • Curing time 3 hours regardless of ambient temperature

  • Ideal for use in refurbishments and time-critical projects

  • Simplified and fast installation


The TENSA®POLYFLEX®RapidCure RC plug expansion joint system is a completely new development based on elastic polymers with an extremely short curing time of just three hours – regardless of the ambient temperature during installation.

The joint uses a durable, fully elastic material with high tear resistance and exceptionally low restoring forces.

The RapidCure (RC) plug expansion joint, like the "Advanced" plug joint that has been tried and tested for 15 years, offers significant advantages compared to other types of expansion joints, such as unsurpassed driving comfort, no noise emission exceeding the adjacent road surface, watertightness, installation in individual sections, etc.


Thanks to the very short curing time, the RapidCure plug expansion joint is particularly suitable for use in difficult environments where high air humidity is to be expected. Time-critical projects, such as overnight installation, also benefit from the simplified and fast installation followed by a short curing time.

The applications of the plug expansion joints are very versatile and range from road bridges, pedestrian bridges as well as railway bridges, both in new constructions and as an alternative to steel joints in refurbishments. Moreover, structures in the field of structural engineering and industrial facilities, multistorey car parks or airport buildings, railroad stations including platforms – to name a few examples – also benefit from the extensive characteristics of the joint.

The food and pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and laboratories benefit from germ-free joints that are also resistant to alkalis and acids.


TENSA®POLYFLEX®RapidCure RC Type H: Suitable for bridges with high loading and large movements


Installation of plug joint RapidCure RC105 with the aid of digital supervision on the Delaware Memorial Bridge, USA


Fully installed plug expansion joint


In case of lower loading and reduced dimensions, for example on city streets and rural roads, the RC Typ S is used


Movement capacity testing on a TENSA®POLYFLEX®RapidCure specimen of type RC60


Seismic testing of plug expansion joint at SISMALAB in Shanghai