Viadotto Marchetti

Project description

The reconstruction of the Viadotto Marchetti became necessary after the floods in October 2000, which severely damaged the infrastructure in the area of the Ivrea. Being located close to Milano, Italy‘s second largest city, the bridge represents a crucial link between the Ivrea-Santhià bypass and the A5 Torino-Ivrea motorway to the Milano Malpensa airport.

In order to allow sufficient height for the free flow of the Dora Baltea river, a new 250 m overall steel span was installed. The viaduct is made of a suspended steel arch, with two 14.5 m carriageways and two footways for a total 17.55 m per direction of travel.

mageba scope

mageba‘s supply comprises 4 units of modular expansion joints of type LR4-A80 for 320 mm maximum movement and 2 units per side. Each unit has a length of 17.55 m. The connection to the slab has been performed by welding the boxes to the steel part of the bridge, and was finally completed with a 250 mm concrete layer.
In order to avoid butt-welding on the construction site, the joints were completely finished in Germany, and hence delivered in one piece by special transport.

The main advantages of such a process are no weak parts in the steel and a much faster installation on the construction site.


Cross section of the expansion joint, drawn in the technical office of mageba's headquarters in Bulach


The TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints with lamella beams are ready for installation

Key Data


TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints LR4-A80


320 mm max. movement


May 2015


Strambino (Torino)


2015 (Reconstruction)


Suspension bridge


250 m


A.T.I.V.A. SpA