Tauranga Eastern Link

New Zealand

Tauranga Eastern Link

Project description

The Tauranga Eastern Link provides a much needed transport corridor in the Bay of Plenty. It has been recognised by the government of New Zealand as a road of national significance.

It is designed as a four lane highway and includes in total seven bridges. The Eastern Link begins at Te Maunga in Tauranga and ends at the existing junction of State Highways 2 and 33 near Paengaroa.

The Tauranga Eastern Link reduces the travelling time between the regions and hence supports the regional growth.

mageba scope

mageba supplied both RESTON®POT bearings and LASTO®BLOCK elastomeric bearings for the Tauranga Eastern link.

The LASTO®BLOCK elastomeric bearings carry a maximum vertical load of 8,100 kN. All twelve elastomer bearings are produced from natural Rubber (NR) and are reinforced with steel plates.

The RESTON®POT bearings installed in the bridges of the Tauranga Eastern Link have a maximal load carrying capacity of 3,330 kN. Both the LASTO®BLOCK elastomeric bearings and the RESTON®POT bearings are designed and manufactured in accordance with EN 1337 and therefore marked with the CE label.

Tauranga Eastern Link_pot bearing

The RESTON-POT bearings ready for shipment to New Zealand

Tauranga Eastern Link_under construction

LASTO-BLOCK elastomeric bearing with CE labelling

Key Data


RESTON-POT bearings / LASTO-BLOCK elastomeric bearings








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