Wazirabad Signature Bridge

Project description

A new cable stayed bridge is currently under construction across the Yamuna River in Wazirabad, Delhi. Its dramatic inclined steel pylon, at 154 metres high, and elegant stay cable design, will make it a particularly attractive addition to the Wazirabad skyline. As well as its pleasing aesthetic impact, the shape of the pylon enables it to provide, to a substantial extent, the stress balance required to support the deck. The construction and maintenance of this remarkable structure will be supported by the real-time data provided by a sophisticated structural health monitoring (SHM) system.

mageba scope

The ROBO-CONTROL SHM system was installed to monitor the structure’s condition, behaviour and performance during both the construction and service phases. In particular, it is designed to monitor the effects of weather, earthquakes and other environmental influences, and to detect and report any damage that may occur. To do this, it uses a wide array of sensors (100 in total). The precisely measured data is made available to the bridge’s engineers in real time, via a user-friendly interface, greatly improving the efficiency of monitoring work compared to manual ­methods.


A sensor on a stay cable, measuring high-frequency vibrations (up to 200 Hz)


Example of data from a ROBO-CONTROL SHM system (viewed on a tablet device)

Key Data


ROBO-CONTROL monitoring system


100 sensors





Structure type:

Cable stayed bridge with composite deck


675 m


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