Carriageway strengthening



Expansion joints


  • Applied along sides of any joint type

  • Prevents deformation of carriageway

  • Avoids wheel impacts on the joint

  • Reduces noise, increases comfort


mageba ROBO-DUR asphalt strengthening ribs reduce the deformation by traffic of the road surface next to an expansion joint, which is susceptible to such deformation due to the fact that the asphalt cannot be perfectly compacted in this area. Slots are cut in the surfacing at an angle of 45° to the joint, and filled with the high-strength ROBO-DUR epoxy resin mortar. This reinforcement of the road surfacing ensures a comfortable ride for drivers and reduces impacts on the joint, leading to a longer joint life.


ROBO-DUR asphalt strengthening ribs can be used in combination with any type of mageba expansion joint. They are suitable wherever high driving comfort is demanded and where the durability of the joint and the adjoining asphalt must be ensured, even under heavy traffic conditions.


Markings for strengthening ribs are drawn on the ground at a 45° angle to the driving direction


Cutting of slits


Special ROBO-DUR mortar being placed in the slits


Completed strengthening ribs at each side of an expansion joint