PDH Course – Structural Health Monitoring

February 25,2021

Infrastructure all over the United States requires significant investment and effort to bring it up to the level demanded by a modern society. Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) helps us to understand our structures better in order to prioritize the needed works to the more critical structures and allocate the necessary funds.

This course includes all basic information on how SHM works, what tools are available and how they can be implemented in the most efficient way.

Practicing Institute of
Engineering, Inc. approved

PDH Course 'SHM' by mageba (PDH registration #20207310) is approved by the Practicing Institute of Engineering, Inc. (PIE) to serve professional engineers, consulting engineering firms, state or municipal agencies, technical societies, professional societies, trade associations, higher education institutions (etc.) in the provision of continuing education.

About the Presenter

Daniel Beighle | mageba

  • ABET Mechanical Engineer

  • Bridge bearing specialist including ROBO®SMART bearings

  • 10+ years’ engineering experience

About the Presenter

Andrea Paciacconi | mageba

  • Master of Science in Civil Engineering

  • Structural Health Monitoring specialist

  • 5+ years’ experience with monitoring systems