Sri Lanka

ITC One Colombo

Project description

The 54 m long sky bridge sitting on the 19th and 20th levels connects the ultra-luxurious 49-storey Sapphire Residences and the 28-storey ITC One Hotel Tower, which are part of an ambitious mixed development project in Sri Lanka’s vibrant capital, Colombo. The estimated cost of the entire project is $300 Million.

The project is aimed to attract the rich and famous from across the world to Sri Lanka’s budding and promising real estate market.

The multilevel sky bridge will house two full length infinity swimming pools at the topmost level that stretches towards the Indian Ocean on one side and a lake on the other.

The 54 m long bridge will also have restaurants, lounges, jazz bars and lotus ponds. The towers are connected via the sky bridge at a height of about 100 m. The total weight of this steel structure is about 3,000 t.

mageba scope

The unique manner in which the structural designer envisaged the operation of this bridge is the reason we were looking for a ‘never before’ solution.

Customised RESTON-SWIVEL bearings were designed to accommodate in plan rotation due to the out of phase movement of the two towers. In addition, bearings had to accommodate large movements of 560 mm while pivoting around a single fixed point.

The challenge was to propose an easily replaceable, durable (highly corrosive environment) and stable bearing system that has to operate on 2 levels, (20th and 21st floors) such that the bridge can function as a single unit.

The RESTON-SWIVEL is a multi-level bearing in which the component that accommodates the rotation is separated from the component transferring the eccentricity to the adjacent structure.


A cross section drawing of the installed bearings


One of the RESTON-SWIVEL bearings after

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Larsen & Toubro Limited, Chennai Construction


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