Felipe Angeles International Airport

Project description

The Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA) is a new airport serving Mexico City and its metropolitan area.

The project is located at the Santa Lucia Military Airbase, and consists initially of a terminal with an area of 270,000 m2.

A second terminal is also planned to be built in the future as part of the airport’s master plan.

The airport will have the capacity to handle 20 million passengers per year at its start in 2022, and it is expected to increase up to 85 million by 2052.

This is the largest seismic isolation project in Latin America, and one of the largest seismically isolated structures in the world.

mageba scope

The terminal building is base-isolated with a total of 1,332 RESTON-PENDULUM
Duplo isolators, which were all supplied by mageba. The devices were designed to withstand vertical loads of 4,000 kN and 6,500 kN, and also provide seismic movement capacity of up to ± 300 mm. All these products were delivered on-site in a record time of 5 months.

In addition, a total of 4,300 m of TENSA-QUAKE joints (pedestrian-,vehicle- and roof joints) were also supplied to the terminal building and to the adjacent parking building.

The roof joints have been designed in a way to follow the complex geometry of the terminal building while protecting that from rain, wind, dust and also from the devastating effects of future ground movements.


A TENSA-QUAKE joint during installation


Inspection of a RESTON-PENDULUM Duplo isolator

Key Data


RESTON-PENDULUM Duplo isolators, TENSA-QUAKE expansion joints




Mexico City




SEDENA (Secretariat of National Defense)


SEDENA (Secretariat of National Defense)