Lerma Building – Telmex

Project description

Telmex, the largest telephone company in Mexico, owns several buildings in Mexico City. One of these buildings is currently obsolete due to the new seismic specifications in the city. The Lerma Building is a 17-floor structure including 4 parking levels, 12 office floors and 1 penthouse. The building’s dimensions is 25m x 15.3m with an area per floor plan of 393 m2. The high risk of damaged in a highly likely earthquake, motivated the development of a retrofitting plan. After a detail evaluation of the options, it was decided to add dampers in different levels in order to improve the dynamic response.

mageba scope

To improve the seismic response of the building, the engineers in charge of the seismic retrofitting studied multiple configurations of dampers, evaluating variations of loads, displacements and number of devices. After a detailed analysis of several configurations, it was decided to install 76 mageba RESTON-SA Shock Absorbers in strategic location along the building.

Two types of SA were chosen, one for 800 kN of maximum load (50 units), and another one for 600 kN (26 units). The displacement capacity of both types is 50 mm.


Typical RESTON-SA Shock Absorber similar to the ones to be installed in Lerma Building


RESTON-SA Shock Absorber ready to be shipped for installation on a building

Key Data


RESTON-SA Shock Absorber




Mexico City


Office Building


CTBR SA de CV (Telmex)