mageba ist eine Schweizer Unternehmung mit Hauptsitz in Bulach, nördlich von Zürich. Gegründet 1963, hat sich das Unternehmen zu einem der weltweit führenden Anbieter von Bauerwerkslagern, Dehnungsfugen, Erdbebenschutz, Schwingungsdämpfung und Bauwerksüberwachung den Infrastruktur-, Hochbau- und Industriesektor entwickelt.

Mit Niederlassungen in 19 Ländern und einem Netzwerk an Agenten, die das Unternehmen mit mehr als 50 Ländern weltweit verbindet, ist mageba ein erfolgreicher und beständiger 'Global Player' in der Branche.

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Engineering ist unsere Leidenschaft und diese Leidenschaft treibt die mageba Group seit Jahrzehnten an - seit den Anfängen streben wir nach der Marktführerschaft. Aus Erfahrung wissen wir, dass ein erfolgreiches Unternehmen nur aus einem starken und professionellen Team entstehen und wachsen kann. Wir bei mageba sind immer auf der Suche nach Talenten und erfahrenen Fachleuten, die unsere Werte und Kultur teilen und bereit sind, ihr Potenzial bestmöglich zu entfalten - Menschliches Kapital zählt zu unseren wertvollsten Vermögenswerten.

Für unseren Erfolg stützen wir uns auf den Beitrag jedes einzelnen mageba Teammitgliedes.

Michael Fanselow

Head of Sales Infrastructure | mageba Switzerland

“I started working at mageba in 2008, joining the company’s sales and project management team in Bülach. Working at mageba, I have grown up in a professional sense, and I became eager to participate actively in the company’s global development, helping to make the company even better, stronger and more capable of meeting the challenges of the international competitive environment. Working with wonderful colleagues, many of whom became good friends, not only made it a great working environment but also affected my personal life in a very positive way. I am proud to be a part of this team, and I believe if we focus on the right things that we can manage every challenge successfully.”

Sabia Kazi

Project Manager | mageba Australia

“Everything I do, I do with passion and love for my work, so I always take pride in providing excellent customer support and receiving positive feedback from satisfied customers, while living the mageba values. It was never an issue for me to be the only female employee in our team of ten people – doing the same work as my colleagues and never feeling disadvantaged in any way. I am thankful to mageba’s management for giving me the opportunity to learn and to prove myself, growing personally and professionally, and for giving me exposure to fascinating structures and engineering knowledge across the globe.”

Niculin Meng

CSO mageba Group

“Besides the professional experience in engineering and leadership gained throughout the years at mageba, there is much more coming along with this business: we are in contact with colleagues, engineers and customers from all over the world, we are involved in the most fascinating and record breaking structures but at the same time we contribute to seismic protection and structural health. Being part of this exciting, global industry as team member of mageba – a loyal and employee-oriented company – motivates me every day. Looking back at my professional beginnings as young, cosmopolitan engineer, I am thankful for the opportunities and challenges during my professional journey at mageba.”

Murat Tunc

Sales Engineer | mageba Middle East

“In 2015 I started as a young engineer at mageba Turkey. Working with colleagues from all around the world has brought me much more than just professional experience. It is fascinating to get insights into how a global manufacturing company operates and to see how people work well together. I am proud to say that my efforts were always appreciated, and I also got great support from mageba during my MBA studies. In 2019 I was offered the amazing opportunity to establish mageba’s new subsidiary in Dubai – a chance that I am more than grateful for.”

MinFang Wu

Design Manager Bearings | mageba China

“I started my career here at mageba and it was one of the best decisions of my life. From a motivational perspective, I can say that I got training and support right from the beginning, helping me to develop from a young graduate engineer into an experienced professional. I have been given opportunities to work on many challenging and interesting projects, with lots of support from mageba’s bearing experts around the world.”


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