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Newburgh-Beacon Bridge

Structural Description

The Newburgh-Beacon Bridge is a twin-structure cantilever toll bridge that spans the Hudson River in New York State, carrying highways NY 52 and Interstate 84 between Newburgh and Beacon. The first structure was opened to traffic in 1963, and a second structure, built beside it, opened in 1980. The bridge includes a 2204 foot (672 m) cantilever span, with a main span of 1000 feet (305 m) and side spans of 602 feet (183 m). The total length of all spans and approaches is 7855 feet (2394 m).

Scope mageba

In the course of bridge maintenance and renovation works, the structure’s deck expansion joints are to be replaced. mageba is supplying the required cantilever finger joints, specially designed to suit the existing structure geometry. In addition to the TENSA®FINGER joints themselves, various supplemental parts such as shim plates to facilitate levelling and installation, and cover plates for the movement gaps in the concrete traffic barriers, are also being supplied. The components are scheduled to be installed in 2014.


An existing cantilever finger joint and barrier cover plate, in need of replacemen


A TENSA®FINGER cantilever finger joint, as installed

Puntos destacados


Cantilever finger joints, shim and cover plates




Newburgh, NY


Twin highway bridge


1963, 1980


2394 m