Dahshour Bridge

Project description

This impressive bridge over the Nile close to Cairo was built in the first decade of this century, significantly reducing travel times for local road traffic across this great obstacle. The main structure over the river has a prestressed concrete box girder deck of varying depth. It has four spans; two main spans of 136 m each and a shorter side span at each end. The piers in the river, supporting the main spans, each have four individual reinforced concrete columns, each column supporting a box girder.

mageba scope

To support the deck of the bridge, mageba supplied 40 RESTON-POT bearings. At each of the five axes where the four-span superstructure is supported, eight bearings were required – two for each of the box girders.

The bearings were designed for vertical loads of up to 25,500 kN, and to accommodate sliding movements of up to +/- 175 mm. Depending on their location beneath the superstructure, they were designed to be fixed (at one location only), guided sliding (along one axis) or free sliding (in all horizontal directions).


A RESTON-POT bearing during unpacking following delivery to site.


A RESTON-POT bearing after installation, before placing of the bridge superstructure on top.

Anahtar veri


RESTON-POT bearings (capacities up to 25 MN, movements to 350 mm)






Prestressed reinforced concrete box girder road bridge

Main spans:

136 m


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