Product applications for industrial structures

Project references – Monitoring systems

Project references – North America

Project references – North and South America

Project References – Ports and Wharfs

Project references – Public Transportation Infrastructure

Project references – Roof structures

Project references – Seismic protection of hospitals and fire stations

Project references – Seismic protection systems

Expansion joints

Asphalt strengthening ROBO-DUR

Cantilever finger joint TENSA-FINGER RSFD

Carriageway Strengthening ROBO-STATIFLEX

Condition inspection SERVI-Inspect


Mat joints TENSA-MAT RM

Railway joint TENSA-RAIL RSU

Skid protection ROBO-GRIP

Sliding finger joint TENSA-FINGER GF

Sliding finger joints TENSA-FLEX RC

Heavy duty all-metal expansion joints MIGUTRANS

Compression profile – TENSA-COMPRESS A

Compression profile – TENSA-COMPRESS N

Expansion joint covers for wall and floor areas MIGUTEC

Flexible plug joints POLYFLEX-SLIM PU

Kleb- und Dichtsystem MULTIFIX

Seismic resistant expansion joint systems MIGUMAX

Watertight expansion joint systems MIGUTAN

Seismic devices

High damping rubber bearings LASTO-HDRB

Hydraulic dampers RESTON-SA

Lead rubber bearings LASTO-LRB

Preloaded spring dampers RESTON-PSD

Seismic isolator bearings RESTON PENDULUM

Shock transmission units RESTON-STU

Structural bearings

Cylindrical bearings RESTON-CYLINDER

Deformation bearings LASTO-BLOCK T

Elastomeric bearing LASTO-FLONPAD

Elastomeric bearing with elastomer bond LASTO-FLONBLOCK

Disc bearings RESTON-DISC

Lifting and measuring bearings RESTON-POT LIFT-CONTROL

Line rocker bearings RESTON-LINEAR

Structural monitoring

Earthquake monitoring ROBO-QUAKE

Mobile structural analysis tool ROBO-CONTROL Portable

Remote monitoring system ROBO-CONTROL Permanent

Structural Monitoring Monitoring – portable and permanent systems

Integrated SHM system ROBO-SMART for expansion joints

Integrated SHM system ROBO-SMART for structural bearings

Portable SHM system ROBO-SMART for structural bearings

Vibration damping

Tuned mass dampers